White Widow

by Sea of Trees

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Alex Dansereau
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Alex Dansereau Great first single! Sasha and Aldrynne's vocals go great together, and the instrumentation is tight! Looking forward to more.
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Breaching the walls inside my mind
I'll tell them all I'm just fine
Anxiety eats away at me
But "I'm just fine, I'm just fine"

No matter how hard I try
There's this blankness behind my eyes
emptiness can be so lonely
I'm just fine but it still owns me

Tear me open and the darkness seeps right out
Crave the grave, is this what I'm about
Leap of faith six feet under
Through the skies, will my soul wander?

Prostitute their minds to share intelligence
Lost beyond the sky
There's something out there

Take me from this place
Escape from my mind
Where I seek solace
I should have called it
Let go of all things that have to do with you
Lead me in circles, what the fuck happened, dude

I'm so fucked up in the brain
This world has drove me insane

Is this the way we speak
Are these the lives we lead
This isn't us
How did we come to this?
Make up our minds
Cuz they're full delusions
Don't look back now
Can't look back now

The doubt in my brain grows like a tumor
And everyone wants to tear me down
I am desperately grasping for air

Dirt keeps pilling
Covering my open eyes
Dig through quickly
Air is hard to find
You can't find it
it's buried too deep inside
Too deep inside
There's nothing
Nothing to find

I thought, I thought I was done with this
I thought, I thought I was free
But no. This pain, this pain is just too much
It's too much

But how can you gauge
The difference between
Peace and out right mistakes
Well, I'm not your everything
I'm hardly whole enough
To just be me
I'm stuck in a box
And its made me bitter


released March 3, 2017
Clean Vocals - Sasha
Unclean Vocals - Aldrynne
Guitar/Vocals - Sinoé
Guitar - Jesse
Bass - Garrison
Drums - Jerrin

Mixing - Sinoé Chave
Mastering - Tyler Schneider



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Sea of Trees San Diego, California

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